Frequently Asked Questions

1. What process does CAB use?

CAB uses the aseptic process.

2. What products can CAB produce?

CAB is specialized only in high acid products.

3. What is a high acid product?

High acid products are juices and drinks with a pH of (around) 3.2 to 4.

4. How many production lines does CAB have?

CAB has three A3 speed iLines made by Tetra Pak.

5. What sizes does CAB produce?

CAB produces 125 ml and 200ml Tetra slim packages.

6. What openings does CAB offer?

CAB offers attached U or straight straws for PPH.

7. What kind of process equipment does CAB use?

CAB uses Ultra Heat Treatment units (UHT) with plate heat exchangers.

8. How much is the line capacity?

Each line can produce in excess of 240,000 cases/month.

9. Does CAB provide storage?

CAB provides 20 day storage from the production date.

10. Does CAB have a hold protocol?

Yes, every product is on hold for 10 days for lab work (Micro).

11. Does CAB own a brand?

CAB prides itself in strictly being a co-packer, we do not own a brand of our own.

12. Does CAB provide ingredients?

No, CAB is not in the business of buying ingredients.

13. What is required from the customer to supply?

At a minimum, the following:

  • Tetra Pak Packaging Material
  • Formula
  • Ingredients
  • Cardboard

The rest can be supplied by CAB.

14. What can CAB supply?

  • Pallet film wrap
  • Case film overwrap
  • Multi pack film
  • Straws
  • Pallets
  • Slip sheets
  • Corner boards
  • Ink (for printing codes)
  • Water for batching

15. What kind of water and filtration does CAB use?

Municipality water, carbon bed back flushable filter and ten UV lamps for sterilization.