CAB will be the high aseptic co-packer of choice for mid-size and large companies, due to its focus on maintaining the highest standard of quality and sanitation in the industry, and always meeting production commitments. CAB will contribute to a reduction in its customers’ carbon footprint, via its state of the art production lines.

CAB was established in 2009. Starting with a single TBA 9 line. CAB has grown to successfully operate
three state of the art high speed I-lines. CAB is strategically located in Southern California where it is
surrounded by major freeways that allow for convenient transportation to and from its facility.

A single high speed A-3 line has the ability to produce 24,000 packs per hour; it is the fastest producing
filling machine manufactured by Tetra-Pak. CAB is able to provide opportunities for its customers to
expand their marketplace, grow their sales, and lower their cost while simultaneously reducing their
carbon footprint.